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Many players all over the world will wish to get in on the action of online gambling, but some may not be aware of the local gambling laws for where they reside. To make sure that players are engaging in legal gambling activities, they should take the time to review current laws that could affect how they access online casinos. In France, gambling has been part of the culture for many years and based on history, the French have actually developed some of today’s most popular casino games, including Roulette and Baccarat. Since gambling is a popular activity, players from France will not only be able to enter land casinos for their gambling needs, but will also be able to access some great online casino sites that provide access to cash games.

In regards to online gambling, there was a long dispute with the EU, which has specific rules that pertain to online gambling. These rules stated that it was in fact illegal for French residents to gamble over the internet. However, in 2010, the French National Assembly passed a bill allowing internet gambling and even allowed operators to be licensed and regulated in France. This opened up a whole new world for French players as well as many operators who soon began operating sites that catered specifically to French players.

While online gambling is legal, the passed law does prohibit all games of chance, which include slots, roulette and other popular casino games. The games that are allowed by the French legislation include online poker and sports betting. All of these activities are supervised by the French Authority of Online Gambling Regulation. This means that France is one of the most regulated online gambling markets in the world.

While these laws are in effect, many French players will still take their chances and will access international online casinos. These sites will accept cash players and will offer them the chance to play the popular casino games like slots and other table games that are prohibited under French gambling laws.