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Ireland (Irish) Online Casinos

Players from Ireland can experience some amazing casino action when they play at an online casino that supports international players. Residents of Ireland have access to some of the best Ireland online casinos in the industry. These casinos will allow players to register and play games for cash rewards. Playing at an Ireland online casino can result in some great payouts while providing endless hours of entertainment with some of the best casino games available online.

One of the main concerns when playing in online casinos is the available payment methods. All players who are playing games for cash will have to make cash deposits to the casino. For players in Ireland, there are a number of ways to do this. These players are at liberty to use major credit cards as well as debit cards. With so many options available, making casino deposits and withdrawals in Ireland online casinos can be done safely and quickly using any of these trusted methods.

In 2003, Ireland entered the world of online gambling, allowing for the operation of online casinos. The online casinos were an instant hit and in 2004, the first online bookmaking sites were opened. Irish casinos are generally tailored for players who are native to Ireland and offer deposit and withdrawal options that are in Euros. These casinos often provide games that use well known luck symbols. Like many other European countries, all of the winnings that are generated in online Ireland casinos are tax free.

Due to the growing popularity of online gambling, there are currently 147 Irish online casinos that support the English language and allow players to choose various currencies, including Euros, Irish Pounds and US Dollars. Online gambling in Ireland is completely legal and the government provides licenses to online casinos, lotteries and other gaming sites. Each year, these sites become more popular and players throughout Ireland continue to play their favourite games for cash rewards.